Photo of Andrew Hosgood

  • Developer
  • UI designer
  • Photographer

Learning Developer of the Year 2019
Silver award 🥈

Who I am

  • Hardcore coder and pragmatic problem solver
  • Dedicated professional willing to go above and beyond to complete a task
  • Confident manager and development mentor
  • You can call me “AJ”
A piece of wood with the initials 'AH' burned in

Professional experience

13 years
Web design
14 years
5 years


  • Committed to learning new skills and improving old ones
  • Meticulous and pragmatic approach
  • Extreme attention to detail, perfectionist
  • Relishes problem solving and enjoys a challenge
  • Always keen to find the best solution, end-user focused

Key skill set

  • Full stack web development
  • Focus on front end development
  • Responsive, accessible web/UI design
  • Database design and system architecture
  • Server management and maintenance
  • Management and leadership


  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Python, Node, PHP
  • HTML5 and web technologies
  • Postgres, mySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Vue + Vuex, React, Jest
  • Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift
  • Git, GitLab CI, Jenkins

Hobbies and interests

Photoshoot setup for a tyre

Photography, videography

A chisel on top of two pieces of wood


Andrew wearing a ski jacket and snowboarding


Andrew wearing a bike helmet with his bike in the background

Mountain biking

Andrew on his stand-up paddleboard


A photo of the North Devon coast path