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Andrew Hosgood

  • Developer
  • UI designer
  • Photographer



In conjunction with a single other PHP developer, we built a completely new open source PHP MVC framework from the ground up to fill the gaps we felt other frameworks had and to answer the licencing concerns of one of our clients.

  • FOSS
  • Full MVC architecture
  • Completely bespoke, no dependencies
  • Quick and memory-efficient
  • Easily expandable without editing the core
  • Loads of pre-built tools included
TwistPHP website

Check out the TwistPHP website (opens in new window)

My role

I worked on the PHP, creating the core functionality of the framework and also everything related to the front end.

My key areas of input were:

  • Upload files functionality
  • Debug panel
  • CI and Vagrant testing setup
  • The online management pane
  • The integrated JS AJAX tool
  • The website


TwistPHP has been used on a large number of client sites for a wide range or purposes.

The largest system currently using TwistPHP is .